Successful Winter Fishing at The Lenches Lakes by John Mathews

Hi Neil

The Lenches Lakes – Evesham Worcestershire.

I bought a few bits and pieces from you last week and I said I would send you a brief report on my forthcoming trip to the Lenches Lakes Fishery.

My preference is to fish ‘catch and release’ and during the winter months the Lenches offer this method of fishing.  During the summer months the rule is catch and kill.  It is a lovely fishery in a wonderful setting with a welcoming staff and a cafe’.

I arrived at 07-45 on Wednesday 7th March and thought the dreaded “Beast From The East” had past, so was surprised to find both lakes 3/4 covered in ice.

I started fishing the ice free lodge end of the top lake, confident the ice would soon start to clear. I had two 9′ 6″ 7# rods set up, one with a clear slow intermediate and a apps blood worm the other with a floating line and a cats whisker. Very little action here so moved down to the ice free far side of the bottom lake and fished the cats whisker and had two rainbows to aprox. 2lbs. As I had had no action with the blood worm I changed to an own tied black and green hot head lure and moved further round the lake. This seemed to do the trick and had another two rainbows in about 15 mins. This was too good to last and lost my fly in the large oak tree behind (who put that there !!?).  Neil’s Note:  Ah! the good old Redditch Back Cast – Invented and perfected by yours truly over many years of dedicated practice – and the loss of about three thousand flies. 

The management re-stocked both pools late in the morning and with all the ice now gone I moved up to the top lake and fished from the two platforms in the reed beds as this has always been a productive area for me. Today was to be no exception as I went on to catch a further 8 rainbows to about 3lbs, a couple with the cats whisker and the rest on black and green lures.

The weather held for most of the day although we did have a couple of heavy showers turning to sleet in the late afternoon. Fished through it and still caught.

This proved to be a very successful and enjoyable day. Roll on next winter for more enjoyable days at the Lenches.


John Matthews.

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