Cortland 15lb Master Braid mono equiv. 4lb. test

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* TFFE Special offer price of ?15.99 inc. P&P * Cortland’s Master Braid is constucted in a way that makes it rounder, which means less twist, greater accuracy, longer casts and extendedlife. A propietary Cortland process bonds the colour and finisf into the fibres of the , elimniating fading or flaking of the colour and stiffening agent. With only 4% stretch,small diameter/pound-test ratio and a unique hydrophobic coating that slices through the water and comes back dry,?this new Master Braid delivers greatly enhanced fishing qualities and performance. Master Braid is very easy to use and works equally well on both spinning and conventional reels. 15lb test/6.8 kg. Equivalent dia. to 4lb bs. mono 150 yard spool,137mtr. Bronzeback brown in colour


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