2015 Englands Safety Doctors Jacket Medium

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? This Lifejacket is incredibly lightweight – up to 25% lighter than most lifejackets – Making it ideal for fishing. It is made from a special microfibre that is quick drying, which means no hanging around in a wet jacket! The Englands Safety Doctors Jacket allows for free movement, which is particularly useful for casting.? The Doctors Jacket is hidden within the fly fishermans vest, and is self inflating. The bottom half of the jacket is removable, allowing you to wade into deeper water as needed.? This jacket is made specially for fly fishing and you will find many pockets to keep your knives and equipment in.? ? Safety Features All our safety products have the CE mark. This means that the jacket has been rigorously tested and will flip you over to keep your head out of the water in an emergency.? ? Drys quickly Plenty of pockets Inflates automatically – within 5 seconds of being submerged Certified to turn you over if you are unconscious Bottom half of the jacket detaches for wading in deep waters Made from lightweight breathable/microfibre Fully CE approved ?


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