Size Doesn’t Matter

‘ There was I, swimming with me mates at fry school when suddenly! – Wallop! This great big hairy thing caught hold of me, whisked me skywards and landed me on a big pink cushion, I had me photo taken and back among me mates all within in seconds. Of course I was the centre of attraction so when I was asked where I’d been I told them – I’d just nipped out for a breath of fresh air’.

Mark Francis, a regular blogger, managed to land this little beauty without any assistance and more importantly without the aid of a net.

Mark a member of The Pheasant Tail Fly Fishers caught this monster on one of the clubs own waters – Obviously just after re-stocking.

Pheasant Tail Fly Fishers are actively looking for new members so anyone interested in fishing amazing waters in beautiful Herefordshire and Shropshire countryside please call Mark on: 0707733 629 014 or


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