River Wye, LLanwrthwl – 16.07.2017

This was going to be a first for me. I’ve fished this stretch of the Wye before but not with my Dad. Unfortunately he pulled out so i made the trip by myself. I fished the water the same way as i did before – a large indicator Klinkhammer, with a gold ribbed, bead head hare’s ear nymph about 7 foot below it. The wind was becoming an issue with my 7½ ft #3 so i switched to my 9½ ft #7 to cut through the wind a little easier. I fished every inch of water that i could cast to, regularly swapping flies and depths, for about 300 yards. No luck.

I switched back to my original combination of flies, and persevered… then my Klinkhammer disappeared under the surface. I struck to feel a big weight, which put a large bend in the rod. I honestly thought I had snagged a rock or some weed… but quickly realised that it wasn’t. I had hooked into a big fish! I had to be careful because my tippet was rated at only 2.2lb but after a 5 minute battle, i saw my catch coming to the surface.

The sense of relief when I finally netted my catch was immense. It was a very dark coloured brownie, in absoltely pristine condition. At least 18 inches long, and weighing approximately 2.5lb, this was my personal best wild brownie by a long margin! A few quick photos and she was returned to the water safely to get bigger ready for me to catch it again next year.
This was my only fish of the evening, but well worth the trip. It will be a while before i catch another that size!

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