River Lugg, Stoke Prior & Ledwych Brook, Caynham – 11.07.2017

I’ve never been to my club’s stretch of the river Lugg before so i made a conscious decision to go and take a look. A good friend of mine had told me tales of catching 40+ trout and grayling in the Lugg, and i fancied a slice of that action!

Upon arriving, i quickly realised that our stretch was much more suited to coarse fishing. The banks were very steep and the river itself was deep, slow moving and pretty featureless. I hadn’t travelled all that way for nothing though, so i attempted to fish it. After an hour i gave up, defeated. Too many trees to hook and too little opportunity to enter the water. But i was determined to catch a trout!

My route home took me near to a stretch of Ledwych brook, so i decided to stop there and have a flick. It was pouring with rain and i only had 30 minutes before i needed to leave. But i got one!
A small brownie of about 7 inches. Small, but it saved me from a blank. Moral of the story… Research where you plan to go fishing, before you get there!

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