Ian Ashwell Ringstead Grange – Saturday 24th Feb 2018.

Ian Ashwell Ringstead Grange – Saturday 24th Feb 2018.

About Myself:  Average all round angler, started fishing local Grand Union canal with my Dad catching Gudgeon and small Perch. As a teenager match fished with Daventry Angling club all over the midlands. Fished extensively with my brother for Pike trying for that elusive 20lb fish but only came close twice with 19lb and 18lb. Spent time night fishing local estate lakes for Tench and anything that would take sweetcorn. Briefly had a flirt with carp but managed to not get wrapped up in that sphere of angling. Last 20 years have perused smooth hounds and bass etc on the south coast spending many late nights waiting for that fish of a life time.

First Outing – Trout fishing Saturday 24th Feb 2018.

Went over to Ringstead Grange Northants, as its not too big considering the strong easterly wind. Had a good chat with Pete the warden who was confident I would catch and made me a cup of tea ‘as he took my money’ for a 6 fish day ticket. Had tied up some cant fail mop flies to try with brass bead heads because everybody knows you have to get down deep to find the fish in a freezing easterly wind. Pete thought they would do the business and pinched a few to try himself – Bless him!

And Action…..

Put on far too many coats etc, making moving around difficult and decided to face the east wind with a weight forward 8 sink tip and the cant fail mop fly on 15ft of 8lb fluorocarbon.  One boat out in front of me showed how its done with 7 fish caught, as I struggled to cast and sort myself out.

After an hour it was time to move on; and get out of the wind and also break one of my rules to fish with the wind almost from my back. Around about my third cast had a tap and then and two casts later a take and lost fish. Still on the green mop fly varying the speed of retrieve thus the fishing depth had another tap when retrieving quickly. Right off with the weighted mop fly, and on with a simple home tied un-weighted green/black lure. Bingo within a few casts I was in with a nice condition fish of about 2 lb. My success with B&G lure continued.  Knocked the first 4 on the head for smoking (catch and release from then on) and managed 9 fish from the one spot.  All fish caught, I would guess, about two feet below the surface.

Time for a walk to stretch the legs and moved position to the other side or the Willow Corner. Wind now coming right from behind but with the same line managed to get out and spent a pleasant afternoon with a total of 17 fish. Cant be bad.

One of the best and coldest first days I can remember.   Packed kit up and headed home – a cold but happy chap.

All best Ian

Tight lines to you all.

Four of The Best Ready For The Smoker.




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