Pheasant Tail Fly-Fishers

The Pheasant Tail Fly-Fishers was formed in the 1950’s. The club has several miles of
fishing on the rivers Clun and Lugg on the Welsh, Shropshire and Herefordshire
boarder.The river Clun is in S.S.I and has verity of wild life that is protected. Which means
the river is in pristine conation. It holds a good head of Trout and Grayling. The average
size of the Trout is 6”-8” with some good specimens a round 12”-14” range. The Grayling
are slightly bigger with some going over 1 ½ lb. The Clun isn’t the easiest of rivers to fish
as it gets very over grown in the summer but it’s worth the effort. There is good fly life in
the river including a good mayfly hatch in the late May early June. There is lots of Olives
and stone fly as well.


Fish from the Clun caught by the E.A electro fishing


The Lugg is slightly Bigger river and also holds a good head of fish. With the average Trout
7”-9” And Grayling pushing 2lb. The fishing runs for about 2 miles in total on the Lugg. The
bottom section is the easiest to fish with the top end getting over grown in the summer. Of
course, the top end is where all the big fish are. Like the Clun the Lugg has a lot of fly life
and a good Mayfly.

Hi all, myself along with a few other members embarked to the Kinsham beat on the 18/6
to do a bit of work. We started up stream of the bridge at the top end of the second field
on the right hand bend.

It was very overgrown, with a fallen tree restricting the fishing. But armed only with
slashers and loppers we managed to open it up a bit.
Next we ventured up to the third field which meant crossing the little stream . The first
objective here, was to clear a way through to the old foot bridge. Having achieved that, the
more slight members of the team risked the crossing; all made it. I on the other hand being
of a more portly physique, [ a fat twat] opted to make use of the new live stock drinking
station next to it.

Pushing onwards, up to the next bend our band of intrepid explores, marched on like Henry
Morton Stanley hacking our way through the jungle. Once again we were met by a tree
across the river, undaunted we set about clearing it back

Continuing up river, to parts few men have ever seen; the next bend. We hacked and
cleared the way, so that others may follow us and enjoy fishing the top half of the beat.

Unfortunately, being Gentlemen of slightly advancing years we didn’t get all the way up the
beat as the hunger pangs started to kick in. Forcing the retreat back to base camp where
chef Francis’ outdoor catering services, provided us with sausage and bacon rolls and
lashings of ginger beer. Which we consumed whist planning our next rollicking adventure.


If any other members would like to join us on our next trip please let me know.

If anybody is interested in finding out more about the P.T.F.F Club
Contact Mark Francis at

For more photos click on link below.

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