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Teifi Pools Pontrhydfendigaid Tregaron

Made it to the Teifi pools yesterday (Tuesday 14th May 2019) for a spot of mountain tarn fishing.  I arrived at about 9.00 am having decided to fish Llyn Egnat. The weather was bright spring sunshine with a brisk easterly wind. I tooled up with weighted Hares Ear on the point, Silver Invicta on the dropper and a Zulu on the bob, all to no avail. After about an hour of flogging the ripples, I moved to a point opposite the road and in the lea of the wind. There were the odd splashes as fish rose and I immediately had takes, but my hooks seemed to be coated with Teflon as nothing stuck. Eventually I did land this little beauty:

And that’s the way it continued for most of the day; lots of pulls and the odd fish hooked. I think the fact that the fish seemed to be holding up just at the limits of my casting range, had something to do with all mist fish. After a few hours one of only two that didn’t take the Nymph grabbed the Invicta and made a right mess of my leader. It was only then that I realised I had left my nylon on the parcel shelf of the car the on the other side of the lake.

After going around to the car to tool up I returned to fish up to the dam wall. My final catch amounted to 15 to 20 brownies after missing many more. I then dropped down onto Llyn Teifi and spent my last couple of hours there. The fishing wasn’t as good, but I did manage another four fish. I had fished from 9 am to 5 pm and never saw another soul. It’s my third trip into Wales this month and they have all been worth the effort. The scenery is spectacular and the peace and tranquillity cannot be bettered.


Mark Francis 15th May 2019.
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