When Rob Doyle and Neil Johnson got their heads together and decided to produce a limited selection of fly lines aimed at both the newcomer and old hand, they decided their buzz words would be just that ‘LIMITED SELECTION’.

They considered, as experienced fly fishers; and with Rob being one of the finest and knowledgeable instructors of our time, that too much emphasis is given over to a huge variety of fly lines, that, not only confuse the beginner, but the experienced fly fisher as well. This vast choice causes in most an air of confusion and blank bewilderment that clouds the mind and removes part of the excitement from what is and should be an enjoyable and satisfying day fly fishing.

Is it really necessary for the average fly fisher to worry about a line that sinks at a rate of 6 1/4 – 7 inches per second – probably not? When diversity of choice exceeds the entertainment value of a good day out, it’s time to think things through.

This is just where Rob has succeeded with his initial design for a range of only four dry fly lines. Two of which, the Ice Blue and Ice Caramel are the same line in principle, colour being the only difference. Both lines will do the same job and perform as designed.

Rob specifically designed The Ice Blue Fly Line for fishing in bright and sunny weather where false casting may spook target fish in clearer water. The Ice Caramel Fly Line for dull and overcast weather conditions. The low pigmentation caramel colour is designed to blend in with most natural environments and is less likely to spook fish when drifting on the surface of river or lake. Each line has been constructed with a head of 44 feet (13.41m) and has an overall length of 90 feet (27.43m)


In addition to the above Rob has designed two more lines. The first is the Ice Cadet Fly Line. This line incorporates a short High Visibility head to aid both the young and not so young beginners in visually identifying the extent of the head, aerialise and shoot for distance. The High Visibility Orange head is 29feet (8.4m) with an overall length of 75 feet ( 22.86 m).

The second is the Ice Caramel Midge Tip Fly Line designed specifically for the still water angler in mind, where the neutral coloured midge tip holds the nymph or team of flies just sub surface. This line is composed of a 7 feet (2.13m) of Neutral Colour Midge Tip and forms part of the 44feet (13.41m) Hi Float, weight forward head with a total line length of 90 feet (27.43m).

Rob emphasizes that this is his personal design recommendation gleaned from years of experience and all lines have been designed manufactured to the highest standard and are of the finest quality.

All lines are manufactured within the UK and constructed with the latest and most up-to-date materials. The finest quality braided nylon core supports the most up-to-date, specifically formulated, High Float, Plastisol, Polymer body.
Rob and Neil will never say that their product is the best on the market, preferring instead, to let their lines perform to the full expectation of the buyer and to back this up with a money back or replacement guarantee for any manufacturing fault.

All Ice Fly Lines are manufactured from the finest available materials.
The Braided Nylon core supports a specifically formulated High Float Plastisol Polymer body.







  • No Bullshine when it comes to packaging. We use re-usable recyclable and biodegradable packaging. The P.I.P packet can be used several times so please use it. Even the packaging tape is paper. Plastic is a killer and our planet needs your help.
  • There will be no flashy photographs of big fish on the packet. If you want to see a fish go out and catch one using your ICE FLY LINE and experience the moment.
  •  Please pick up any discarded lines, leaders and hooks and safely dispose of in an environmentally safe manner.
  • We don’t believe in plastic spools or unnecessary cardboard profiles. As Rob has pointed out use a rolled up paper or magazine to spool your ICE FLY LINE.
  • The packaging certainly won’t improve your fly casting so a spool in a plastic bag in a flashy cardboard box shipped inside another plastic bag is unnecessary.
  • As a keen fisherman you are by nature an environmentalist and we at Target Fly salute you for it. So pick up any   discarded plastic and rubbish and bin it.
  • We Consider Ice Fly Lines are of the finest quality and designed to the highest performance specification to give you years of satisfactory service. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase due to a manufacturing fault please return the line using the PIP box and post to Ice Fly Lines c/o Target Fly Ltd for a full refund or replacement.




Target Fly support and Partner The Stroke Association.
With Every Ice Fly Line Bought we Contribute a Percentage of the sale
to help support Stroke Recoveries to enjoy outdoor activities including the hand eye co-ordination required in Fly Casting.


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