Frequent Questions

On this page we will answer a selection of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked about Target Fly Fishing and the wider world of fly fishing. Please email us directly if you have any questions on our range of products or club membership etc on

  • When the wind is blowing straight into my face I have a terrible time getting the leader to turn over and lay the fly out straight. What can I do?

    Keep your forward cast low so the wind doesn't grab it. A low side arm cast works as does overpowering your forward cast while getting the rod down close to the water.

  • What is the difference between fly fishing and spin fishing?

    Fly fishing works by casting the weight of the fly line which is large and heavy compared to monofilament or similar line used in spin fishing. Spin fishing works by casting a weighted lure with relatively small line in comparison to fly line.

  • Which brand fly rod should I buy?

    I recommend to all of our clients that they take the time to cast different fly rods themselves. I often hear I am just getting started and I don't know what I like. In that case I still encourage them to cast different rods and decide for themselves what they like or do not like because you may simply like or dislike the grip or the way a particular fly rod is balanced. From the abuse our equipment takes we definitely use the lifetime guarantee. I encourage everyone to purchase a rod with a lifetime guarantee (manufacturers vary on these details but all are basically the same, if you break it, they will fix it for a nominal fee (usually $50). This is one of purely personal preference, YOUR personal preference.

  • Why does my leader tippet get twisted so badly when I'm casting?

    This one gets many experience fly anglers. Either your fly is too large for the diameter of your tippet or your fly or bug is not symmetrical.

  • Is fly fishing difficult or difficult to learn?

    Unfortunately, the “its hard” myth seems to be the main reason why people are reluctant to give it a try. With the appropriate equipment and proper instruction, you should be able to cast the line reasonably well within a few hours. Besides the goal is to have fun, and maybe catch fish too!

  • Do you offer training in fishing techniques?

    Yes as this is an important part of Target Fly mission - allowing us to pass on tips and improve the fly fishing knowledge of our members.

  • What is a fly?

    A fly is an artificial lure that is constructed typically out of fur, feathers, and perhaps synthetic materials. These materials are tied to a hook in an attempt to imitate the size, shape, and colour of the food form that the fish is feeding upon. Some are also tied in an attempt to trigger a predatory response from the fish. Originally (and still in the UK) the description of fly was only used to describe an imitation of an insect.

  • What is a leader?

    Fly lines are comparatively big and opaque, and are too large even at the smallest section to tie onto a fly. The leader removes the fly from the vicinity of the heavier and more obvious fly line and is usually transparent. It is also tapered small enough to tie to a fly. When used in the appropriate size to match the fly you are using, the leader will allow the fly to be delivered effectively to the target, and yet still drift naturally in the current.

  • Who can participate in Target Fly?

    Absolutely anyone! That’s the beauty of Target Fly, it is open and accessible to all ages and abilities.

  • I am disabled, is this a problem?

    Not in any way. Target Fly has been specifically developed with disabled people in mind to provide them an equal an opportunity to get involved, and enjoy, target fly fishing.

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